Lego Friends Sets

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Popular sets include:

Heartlake City Grand hotel- Heartlake city grand hotel lego friends set


  • Build this three storey Heartlake City Grand Hotel, which featuares a lift to carry guests to upper floors, a rooftop pool, an outdoor café,a lobby,a jazz bar, guest rooms and even more.
  • Set includes five mini-doll figures: Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan and Nate, plus dog and cat figures.
  • Model measures over 30cm high, 32cm wide and 17cm deep; black cab measures over 7cm high, 11cm long and 4cm wide


heartlake city riding stable lego friends set

Heartlake City Riding Stable:


  • Build a 2-storey riding stable and yard with fun interactive horse training equipment and activities.
  • Includes Stephanie and Mia mini-doll figures, plus two horses and a mouse
  • Stables are over 6” high, 12” wide and 5” deep
  • Accesories including bows,food and hats.




heartlake city amuesment park lego friends sale

Amuesment Park Lego Friends Set :

Push the Lego Friends Amusement Park Roller -Coaster around the track,  sit a mini-doll in the front carriage to activate the light brick,make the track your own and activate the cool functions as you go! Interactive  Ferris wheel ,with  swinging gondolas. Also includes interactive drop tower and release to watch it go spinning round. This set is full of detailed functions and accessories for a day at the iconic Amusement Park. Set includes 4 mini-doll figures.